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September 01, 2017

Adam Roosevelt is a moderate Republican running for the Virginia House of Delegates against current Democratic Delegate Alfonso Lopez, who has never before faced a GOP opponent during his six years in office.

Red Alert Politics Covers Roosevelt Campaign for VA House of Delegates

August 23, 2017

Whenever a millennial mounts a campaign against an established incumbent, it’s sure to be an uphill battle. However, Adam Roosevelt says he’s up for the challenge; at just 25 years of age, he is running to be elected delegate for the 49th District of Virginia.

Adam Roosevelt running hard and smart in the 49th HOD district

August 9, 2017

In a very blue district, a young veteran, Republican Adam Roosevelt has been running hard for over a year. It’s an uphill battle for any Republican in the 49th district of the House of Delegates. Hillary won this district with 68% of the vote. Currently, the district is held by the House minority whip, Alfonzo Lopez. If any Republican can win this district it’s Adam Roosevelt who has been going door to door for many months.

Local Delegates Look Beyond Arlington Ahead of November Elections

August 8, 2017

Three of Arlington’s four members of the Virginia House of Delegates are without an opponent this fall.

Given the lack of locally competitive races in November, when the House’s entire 100 seats are up for grabs, the lawmakers are looking at opportunities to help fellow Democrats to pick up seats elsewhere.

In-Person, TV Debates Scheduled Ahead of November Elections

August 8, 2017

The League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area (LWVFA) will hold both in-person and televised forums for the public and the press to learn about the candidates who are running for election to the Virginia House of Delegates. “The purpose of these forums is to educate voters about the candidates and where they stand on the issues, by hearing them answer questions from the public, so voters can make informed choices at the ballot box in November,” said Wendy Fox-Grage, LWVFA co-president.

The Weekly Standard Covers The Roosevelt Campaign

August 2, 2017

Twenty years ago the guy in charge of picking up the beer and pizza for the Prosperity Caucus—a group of socially awkward hill staffers, economists, and various D.C. denizens interested in issues related to growth and prosperity—decided to go back home and run for Congress. It was an unexpected move and one that was dissonant for a largely intellectual group whose monthly meetings typically revolve around an academic talking about his recent research.

INSIDE NOVA Covers Roosevelt Campaign

July 28, 2017

Could the dearth of candidates fielded this year by the Arlington County Republican Committee actually end up helping the lone local GOPer on the ballot?

ARL Now Interviews Roosevelt

July 25, 2017

Political newcomer Adam Roosevelt said he knew at the age of 13 years old that he wanted to run for the Virginia House of Delegates.

INSIDE NOVA Mentions Adam Roosevelt

July 19, 2017

Roosevelt and Team get local Coverage.

ARL Now Covers The Roosevelt Race for the House of Delegates

March 21, 2017

So far, only Adam Roosevelt has thrown his hat in the ring, challenging Del. Alfonso Lopez in the 49th District of the House of Delegates. Roosevelt’s campaign is focused on education, growing small business, supporting the military and local law enforcement and enhancing cybersecurity.

NBC News Mentions Adam Roosevelt on Night of Innaguration

January 18, 2017

Roosevelt and Team get local Coverage. On the Eve of Trump Inauguration, Black Republicans Celebrate, Reflect